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Besides having a great selection of silent auction items at your fundraiser that your guests can bid on using mobile bidding, sometimes you just want to add in that extra “wow” factor and get the guests’ excited to be there for a great cause. There a few different options of other activities that your guests’ could participate in to both raise money AND having fun. A live auction, fund-a-need, and raffles are all wonderful options to achieve your fundraising goal. But we won’t stop there, we have a few more interactive activies up our sleeve… See below.

We all know how much fun a wine pull can be; it’s quick, efficient, and overall it is a very easily understood process. After collecting a bunch of different types of wine (or having them donated), ranging from average-above average, they will all be wrapped so their identity is a secret. Then, a guest will come to the wine pull area, purchase a bottle without knowing the type, and be on their jolly way. It’s a win-win! But why don’t we switch it up? We have been seeing many requests’ for more ideas similar to this process so we put our thinking caps on. Instead of wine, how about trying a cigar pull to reach out to multiple demographics.

You can sell your batch of cigars for anywhere between $10-$20.

The “best” picked cigar will also win a humidor to keep his cigar feelin’ fresh.

Of course, just like any fundraising activity, the type of crowd that you have at your event will play a big factor in whether or not the cigar pull will be successful in your fundraising endeavors.

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