The Best Way to Attract Your Sponsors

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It’s time to dive into a question that is offen asked, “What is the best way to attract sponsors?”. Often, the best way to make the initial approach to have a potential sponsor at your event is to setup a one-page propsal. In this proposal you can state why they would be a benefit to your event, the variety of impressions that they would make by being a sponsor at your event, and the type of people that will be at your event. From there, you are able to highlight the different forms of advertising that you can provide for them which will help the potential sponsor determine the value of being a part of your event.

Through our site, not only are you able to sell tickets, but you can also sell sponsorships. This has been a HUGE benefit for many of our clients. Being able to have the ability to create sponsor-specific “bundles” on our site has seen a great amount of success. Below you will find some of the beneficial ways to customize exactly what you would like each sponsorship ticket to include.

Here are some successful examples we have seen in the past:

  • Table display
  • Unlimited free bar
  • Color scheme coordination
  • Logo placement
  • Access to ‘x’ number of Twitter/ Facebook followers for promotional efforts
  • Full website sponsorship

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