What can we do today?

Nonprofits today face many obstacles including, but not limited to retaining/engaging donors, sustainability, and lack of resources. Before WEDO Charity Auctions was started, there was an apparent void in the fundraising world – A lack of technology. Knowing that, WEDO was created to fill that technology void.

WEDO serves as the premier package for nonprofits to utilize technology while simultaneously integrating EXPERTISE. We tackle the many obstacles that nonprofits face head on and are here to EMPOWER clients and provide them with SUCCESS.

We work with our clients to develop a relationship based on TRUST. Without trust, results cannot be achieved. It starts with a conversation and from there the freshest ideas are developed to engage donors and attract new ones.

By offering a TAILORED, CUSTOMIZED approach, WEDO is able to save clients time and resources. As a result, clients are able to focus on PARTNERSHIPS and the bigger picture. Our team is here to add VALUE with impeccable SERVICE and superior TECHNOLOGY.

With a two-tiered approach, we utilize event and mobile bidding technology to ENGAGE clients’ partners. We use our technology and EXPERTISE as a catalyst to develop strategies and processes that ensure continued SUCCESS and GROWTH for clients.