The Best Way to Attract Your Sponsors

It’s time to dive into a question that is offen asked, “What is the best way to attract sponsors?”. Often, the best way to make the initial approach to have a potential sponsor at your event is to setup a one-page propsal. In this proposal you can state why they would be a benefit to your event, the variety of impressions that they would make by being a sponsor at your event, and the type of people that will be at your event. From there, you are able to highlight the different forms of advertising that you can provide for them which will help the potential sponsor determine the value of being a part of your event.

Through our site, not only are you able to sell tickets, but you can also sell sponsorships. This has been a HUGE benefit for many of our clients. Being able to have the ability to create sponsor-specific “bundles” on our site has seen a great amount of success. Below you will find some of the beneficial ways to customize exactly what you would like each sponsorship ticket to include.

Here are some successful examples we have seen in the past:

  • Table display
  • Unlimited free bar
  • Color scheme coordination
  • Logo placement
  • Access to ‘x’ number of Twitter/ Facebook followers for promotional efforts
  • Full website sponsorship

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 2.28.50 PM

2016 Trending Fundraising Themes

If you collaborated with event planners for their best fundraising ideas, you would get a mixed response based on the patrons and the cause. With Silent Auctions, Live Auctions and creative Fund-A-Needs, as a staple of raising money, many organizations bring back classic themes with a twist!

If you’re planning for your next great event, we hope these ideas inspire your fundraising efforts!

  1. 1920s Speakeasy: Great Gatsby themed parties are always a hit, and with good reason. Have a chance to sip cocktails from a jail cell and smoke cigars while rocking your best 1920s-inspired attire. Utilizes food from the 20’s vs the traditional sit down dinner.
  2. Back to Prom: So your prom has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t relive it with a retro theme party. VIP after-party to top off the memories. Corsages optional!
  3. Champagne and Dessert party: What sounds better than sipping champagne while eating cupcakes? This great theme can be for a weekday event while bringing together your local restaurants that can provide their finest desserts.
  4. Farm-To-Table Dinner: Upgrade your ordinary dinner party to the latest culinary trend and throw a farm-to-table dinner. Create a dinner with only locally sourced ingredients and your guests will definitely be impressed.
  5. Masquerade Ball: Back on the scene. This black tie and mask theme is a sure fire way to class up the evening.
  6. Casino Night: Bring Vegas to you! Craps, blackjack, and roulette tables will create friendly competition among your guests’. With a great local company to aid in the festivities, this event theme does not miss.
  7. Cinco de Mayo: Margaritas, taco bars, and sombreros… Need I say more?!?!
  8. Hawaiian Luau: Nothing says a good time more than tiki style cocktails and grass skirts while listening to bongo drums! Summer events are better with a fun, relaxed setting. Adult and/or family friendly.
  9. Denim and Diamonds: Want a mix of casual & dressy? Sport your best jeans with your favorite jewels for this style party. This will help the guys who don’t like dressing up feel more comfortable.
  10. Enchanted Forrest: Transform your next event with this whimsical theme by dressing up your space with branches and twinkling starlit-inspired bulbs.

If you would like to learn more about these themes and activities, feel free to contact WEDO by clicking the link below.

Best Way to Utilize your “Donate Now” Button


We’ve come across this begging question a few times in the last month and we want to share with you what we have learned about the infamous, Donate Now button on your event website…

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.54.15 AM

We can all agree that any occassion to make a donation to your cause is considered a favorable time. To make things simpler for our clients, the Donate Now button guarantees a chance to increase donations right on the spot. You can do it at the touch of a button while your alone, or, you can utilize it up on stage in front of your crowd.

What WEDO Suggests’:

Depending on your audience, one of these options may work more than the other. If you choose to use the Donate Now button after a Fund-a-Need portion of your event, you can utilize our user-friendly Donation Thermometer Display to engage the audience in a real-time donation session. By displaying the Thermometer, this can give your guests’ a visual while donations are taking place. If you have a specific goal for funds raised at your event, this is a great option to utilize.


Trending Event Activities

Besides having a great selection of silent auction items at your fundraiser that your guests can bid on using mobile bidding, sometimes you just want to add in that extra “wow” factor and get the guests’ excited to be there for a great cause. There a few different options of other activities that your guests’ could participate in to both raise money AND having fun. A live auction, fund-a-need, and raffles are all wonderful options to achieve your fundraising goal. But we won’t stop there, we have a few more interactive activies up our sleeve… See below.

We all know how much fun a wine pull can be; it’s quick, efficient, and overall it is a very easily understood process. After collecting a bunch of different types of wine (or having them donated), ranging from average-above average, they will all be wrapped so their identity is a secret. Then, a guest will come to the wine pull area, purchase a bottle without knowing the type, and be on their jolly way. It’s a win-win! But why don’t we switch it up? We have been seeing many requests’ for more ideas similar to this process so we put our thinking caps on. Instead of wine, how about trying a cigar pull to reach out to multiple demographics.

You can sell your batch of cigars for anywhere between $10-$20.

The “best” picked cigar will also win a humidor to keep his cigar feelin’ fresh.

Of course, just like any fundraising activity, the type of crowd that you have at your event will play a big factor in whether or not the cigar pull will be successful in your fundraising endeavors.

5 Ways to Promote Your Fundraising Event

Ok. You decided that you are going to put together a fundraising event. You know that you want to raise a lot of money for a great cause and you want a wonderful outcome for attendance, but now you have to make it happen! There are a variety of different stages of planning that need to be completed in order to have a successful fundraiser. From the location to the food & beverage to how to entice people, etc. If you’re new to event planning (or even if you’re not) it can be overwhelming trying to put a big fundraiser together all while raising awareness so people will actually come to the event. Well, not to worry. We have narrowed down the top 5 ways to promote your fundraising event to make sure you have a full house!

Social Media: It’s no secret that social media is taking over the internet in strides. If you don’t already have a Facebook page for your Cause/Organization, then making one would be an A+ idea. More and more people are turning to Facebook to send out invitations to events than sending it via mail. Once you have a Facebook page setup, start posting daily reminders and information regarding your event, it will be sure to grab attention and get people talking.

Print Advertising: It’s time to get some coverage! Send out some key information about your fundraiser that you want to get out to the public to your local newspapers and magazines. Think outside of the box on how to cover every important detail of your event. Do you have big name sponsors? What cause does your fundraiser benefit? Be sure to mention these fine points to your audience.

Flyers: If your fundraiser is not invite-only then flyers could be very beneficial to spread the word. It may be 2016, but print advertising is still in style. Post your flyers in popular destinations throughout the area to create a buzz about your event. To really direct attention to your flyer, using bright colors and highlighting what the fundraiser is about would be a good way to start.

Powerful Partnerships: The more connections you make in your efforts to promote your event, the more success you will have with expanding your audience. If you have speakers coming to your event, make sure to let people know! Think locally when finding a partnership that way you can engage your community that much more.

Photography/Video: A photograph says a million words. Well, if that’s true then a video says a billion! Spread the word about your fundraiser by means of photos and videos posted on the web. Photographs can be used to document important details about your event. For videos, think outside of the box. Your videos don’t necessarily have to be professionally done, sometimes a short clip taken with an iPhone will get the same results. Both photos & videos can be a very useful tool if done correctly.

And there you have it! Those are our top 5 ways to best promote your event properly to ensure a grand attendance.

The Importance of Subject Lines

Sending succesful emails is an important part of any industry. But why are email subject lines so important? That is the begging question. Whether you are sending a campaign email to your clients or a one-off party invitation email; the entire message relies on the effectiveness of your subject line.

In this day in age, we are all victims of email overload at some point. The average time that someone looks at a subject line is 1 second before making the decision that they want to continue to read it or not. How can YOU stand out along side of your competitiors to have your message be read and not just thrown in the trash? Here are 3 things you must know about email subject lines:

  1. Keep it simple. The more brief the subject line, the better. To ensure high open-rates, you must first have an attention-grabbing subject line. Don’t be spammy! Look at your own emails, which do you avoid opening & why?
  2. Add value. Being able to not taint your message before opening is an art. Convince the reader that they are opening it for a purpose & will help them or their business in some way or another.
  3. Create trust. Build trust with the reader by containing information in the message that corresponded to the subject line.

Creative School Fundraisers

Winter break is over! Your kids are back in school. Now you want to help give back to that school and help raise some money. Well, here are some of the most successful school fundraiser ideas that we have come up with to help you on your money-making endeavors:

Raffle: Sell those tickets! Take the time to think of a great prize that everyone would be interested in. Whether this is a draw for cash, a school-related item, or a gift basket.

Bake Sale: This one is fun for everyone! Parents can have the opportunity to bond with their children while baking some goodies and the staff can contribute as well.

Pancake Breakfast: Have the students be a part of a delicious one-day breakfast event. They could sell tickets for food and drinks. This makes all the students come together.

Craft Sale: Let’s get crafty! Not only will this promote parents and children to create some fun crafts but it will let the students’ creativity fly. This could be done individually or as a classroom.

Dance-A-Thon: These are very popular! Take pledges based on how long a student will stay on the 24-hour dance floor. And the most important part? Good music to groove to and plenty of drinks & treats throughout the event.

Not only are these all wonderful fundraiser ideas, but you could turn them into something more and have each one of them be utilizing mobile bidding as well.

Why you should go from paper to mobile bidding

Take your fundraising event to the next level. Gone are the days of using traditional pen and paper bidding at your event. Your patrons will enjoy the fun competition of a silent auction without interrupting the rest of the evening’s festivities with the use of mobile. In return, your organization benefits from the bidding wars that ensue increased revenue to use toward your mission. Even better, our state-of-the-art mobile bidding system provides solutions to aid your organization in event efficiency and event reporting. Because the auction bids are displayed in real-time, you have your finger on the pulse, knowing what revenue is coming in at any given moment. Using this system, you can easily determine which auction items are appealing to your patrons; use this knowledge to make announcements about the items, and inviting even greater bidding amongst your guests. Best of all, our technology not only helps during your event but significantly increases efficiency after the fact, making reporting nearly effortless, and keeping your CFO happy.

How Texting Can Increase Engagement During Your Event

In a world where technology is the focal point of any event, it is no wonder why incorporating SMS into your fundraising strategy is an A+ idea. Not only does including text messages raise engagement with the crowd, it also drives more contributions for your great cause. Mass text messaging is a must-have tool for any fundraiser or gala – note to self – Use. Mass. Texting.

You may be asking yourself.. What is the simplest way to have texting become a part of your event? To start, sending out a reminder to donate can be easily done in a texting fashion with the WEDO Charity Auctions platform. Completing this via text message not only is  a simple way to get the message across, but is also a great way to start to raise money for your organization (aka, WEDO’s main priority).

It is very well-known that the less steps that a patron has to take to donate, the happier the camper will be. So, we make it simple for you to include a link that you would like your crowd to be directed to. For example, if you would like to send a link to a website, all you have to do is send it via text in our easy-to-use platform, and they will see it instantly. 

By using this channel and taking the text message route during your mobile bidding war, you will soon begin to see all of the benefits. Open rates, quick responses, building engagement, more donations, & more. Taking advantage of mass messaging for your nonprofit is definitely something that every fundraising event should be taking part of in order to increase participation and raise more money.


Bid Early; Every Bid Counts! | WEDO Charity Auctions

Bid early; Every bid counts! WEDO makes it easy for your nonprofit to raise money. What’s better than bidding on the day of the event? How about opening the bidding portion up EARLY to get ahead of the curve. By opening up your bidding early for your fundraiser, you are able to get in front of your donors before the day of the event and collect any donations.

Make it a part of your day; get a head start! Before the event even begins, with the click of a button, you could sit back and relax on your couch while watching the big game AND bidding for your favorite charity or cause. You can use your smartphone or even an iPad! WEDO Charity Auctions makes mobile bidding simple. What a great & easy way to help raise additional funds!