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2016 Trending Fundraising Themes

If you collaborated with event planners for their best fundraising ideas, you would get a mixed response based on the patrons and the cause. With Silent Auctions, Live Auctions and creative Fund-A-Needs, as a staple of raising money, many organizations bring back classic themes with a twist! If you’re planning for your next great event, […]

The Importance of Subject Lines

Sending succesful emails is an important part of any industry. But why are email subject lines so important? That is the begging question. Whether you are sending a campaign email to your clients or a one-off party invitation email; the entire message relies on the effectiveness of your subject line. In this day in age, […]

How Texting Can Increase Engagement During Your Event

In a world where technology is the focal point of any event, it is no wonder why incorporating SMS into your fundraising strategy is an A+ idea. Not only does including text messages raise engagement with the crowd, it also drives more contributions for your great cause. Mass text messaging is a must-have tool for […]

Bid Early; Every Bid Counts! | WEDO Charity Auctions

Bid early; Every bid counts! WEDO makes it easy for your nonprofit to raise money. What’s better than bidding on the day of the event? How about opening the bidding portion up EARLY to get ahead of the curve. By opening up your bidding early for your fundraiser, you are able to get in front […]

Looking back on 2015 | 2k16 is Here

Besides binge drinking peppermint lattes and building gingerbread houses galore, with 2016 here in a flash, we have been reminiscing over the great success and relationships we have built in 2015.  Throughout the year, we are excited to say that we have doubled the size of WEDO Charity Auctions and grown in 16 new states around the country. Can you say “success!”? […]

New Years Resolutions; Nonprofit Style

Pop the champagne and write down your reso’s. 2015 is coming to a close, which means it’s a great time for your nonprofit to re-evaluate your year and start planning some goals for 2k16. Every business (nonprofit or not) needs resolutions, so don’t feel silly for doing so. You’ll be ahead of the curve. Of […]