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3 Ways to Boost Your Event’s Ticket Sales

Ticket sales are something that every nonprofit struggles with at some point. Whether your event is in its first year,  or your organization just celebrated 50 years of fundraising – everyone starts somewhere. Overcoming this challenge can be one of the most frustrating obstacles you come across when building your event.  Over the years, we’ve […]

The 4 Benefits of Updating Learning Technology for Nonprofits

Imagine how much more effective an updated learning management technology system would be for your nonprofit business training. How many times have you trained your employees only to see the dullness overtake their faces as they fight to stay awake during the outdated training sessions? It is shocking to realize that Clear Company reports “40% […]

Nonprofits And Technology: Is It Time For You To Rethink Your Technology Strategy?

Converting operations probably seems like a huge leap for nonprofit organizations to make. If you consider the amount of time it could take and the amount of money that will be involved in purchasing new software or changing the entire infrastructure of your operations, it is easy to understand why some nonprofit organizations are hesitant […]

Avoiding a Non-Profit Nightmare

A well organized and well-executed event can do great things for your organization. It can strengthen your relationship with donors, generate new donors, and raise funds for your cause. However, a disorganized event can have a negative impact on your organization’s reputation. Here’s some insight into a few common mistakes that are made, and a […]

Proven Thank You Letter Techniques That Work

Why are thank you letters so important? Poorly executed thank you letters can have a negative impact on your organization’s relationships with donors.  Just the same, effective and well written thank you letters can increase donor retention and ensure repeat donations year after year. Thank you letters are important – you probably don’t need us […]

Mobile Bidding Is King

Mobile bidding is the future of charity auction fundraising. The pairing of non-profits and technology has crowned mobile bidding apps “king” in the realm of raising money for charities. Not only do people enjoy the excitement of bidding competition but they also can do it conveniently and, in the end, feel good about what they are doing. […]

How 2016’s Business Giving Trends Affect 2017

With 2016 entering the end of its final quarter, a new fiscal year is just days away for businesses. What were the strongest business giving trends of 2016 thus far? It seems that non-profits continue to experience the effects of an economy rebounding from recession. Analysts of charitable giving trends report that just as donations were trending upward throughout 2015, that […]

Reasons Why People Love Auctions At Charity Events

An auction is one of the most popular ways to raise money for a charity. In addition to raising awareness about the mission of a charitable organization, charity auctions attract donors and participants because auctions are fun, exciting, and beneficial to the community. People enjoy friendly competition. Auctions are a great way to foster competition […]