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Is #GivingTuesday Worth It?

Giving Tuesday. Like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it comes once a year. For some, it’s a breeze and for some, it’s a nightmare. But does it have to be? Could the #GivingTuesday chaos all be avoided? To many, Giving Tuesday is a strange concept. While the phenomenon of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is focused […]

Are Your Messages Reaching Your Audience?

It’s no secret that marketing emails are hard to perfect. Maybe they seem too spammy, maybe they’re not interesting enough, or maybe they just don’t stand out enough to catch the eye of your audience. Either way, email marketing is the only form of marketing that can return $44.25 for each $1 spent when executed properly. […]

3 Fundraising Ideas Your Organization Is Overlooking

Fundraising comes in many shapes and sizes.  From good old email marketing to crowdfunding giants, there are many ways to reach your fundraising goals.  With so many options, it can be overwhelming to try to choose the best idea(s) for your organization to ensure you get the job done! In turn, you may overlook some […]

Increasing Donation Opportunities and Where You’re Going Wrong

The opportunity to donate to charities is all around us. The pairing of non-profits and technology makes it easier than ever for donors to give and organizations to receive. Checking out at a local grocer means adding a dollar to your bill to help feed a hungry family. You scroll through a favorite social media page and see posts […]

5 Tips to Ensure a Successful Golf Outing

With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your organization’s annual golf outing. Summer is a great time to supplement your larger fundraising events, or possibly create a golf outing that becomes your donor’s new favorite way to benefit the cause during the warmer months. There are many ways to take advantage of […]

3 Ways to Boost Your Event’s Ticket Sales

Ticket sales are something that every nonprofit struggles with at some point. Whether your event is in its first year,  or your organization just celebrated 50 years of fundraising – everyone starts somewhere. Overcoming this challenge can be one of the most frustrating obstacles you come across when building your event.  Over the years, we’ve […]