Delivering creative event and donor experiences, while unlocking a little magic along the way!

Founder and President Steve Roseman is passionate about nonprofits and technology. He has engineered WEDO Charity Auctions to provide services that he wished were available to help him during fundraising campaigns. WEDO helps ALL nonprofits utilize technology and the expertise of the WEDO team to facilitate success for their clients.

As the mobile bidding industry evolved, Indianapolis-based WEDO Charity Auctions made its mark with impeccable service and superior technology. WEDO currently operates in 17 states.

Every nonprofit has a powerful mission. WEDO works together with you to develop the freshest ideas that engage current donors and attract new ones. Our experience allows you to save time and resources, and as a result, be more cost-effective and focused on building relationships for long term support for your vision.

Our service is experience is two-tier: first we utilize Event and Mobile Bidding technology to engage your patrons, and secondly, we develop and evaluate strategies and processes to ensure continued growth for your event and mission.


Utilize technology and expertise to drive donor support both short and long term.